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Welcome to our website WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT (the Site).
Your privacy and the security of your personal data are very important to AVA GALLERY, so we collect and manage your personal data with the utmost care and take specific measures to keep it safe.
Below you will find the main information on the processing of your personal data by AVA GALLERY in relation to your browsing of and the use of the services offered. For detailed information on how AVA GALLERIA manages your personal data, please read our Privacy Notice.
We also ask you to read the "Cookie Policy", the "General Conditions of Use" of the AVA GALLERY website and "Terms and Conditions of Use", which contain detailed information regarding the conditions relating to our services. Some services may be subject to specific legal terms, in which case we will give you all the appropriate information from time to time. 
1)Who is the Data Controller?
Below is the main information on the processing of your personal data carried out by AVA GALLERY Via Palermo sn 95046 Palagonia Catania Italia VAT 0425630871 as Data Controllorer.For any clarification related to your privacy and the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at any time by sending a request to our Customer Care at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
2)What data do we process and why?
The personal data that AVA GALLERY  processes is that which you provide to us when you conclude an order, and that which we collect as you browse or use the services offered on WWW.AVAGALLERY.ITAVA GALLERY can then collect data about you, for example, personal details such as name and surname, shipping address and billing address, browsing data and your purchase habits.
Your personal data is processed for the following purposes:
- conclude and execute the purchase contract for goods offered on;
- provide you with the services of such as subscription to the newsletter;
- allow registration to the site and use of services reserved for registered users;
- manage your requests forwarded to our Customer Service.
In the after mentioned cases, the processing of your personal data is legitimate as it is necessary to execute an agreement with you or to provide you with the service that you have specifically requested.
We also conduct statistical surveys and analyses with data in aggregate form to understand how users interact and use the site, in order to improve our offer and our services.
However, only with your express consent will we process your personal data to:
- carry out commercial and promotional communication activities;
- customise the site and the commercial offers based on your interests. 
3)Who will process your data?
Your personal data is processed by personnel duly authorised by AVA GALLERY as Data Controller. For organisational and functional needs related to the provision of services on, your data could also be processed by our suppliers. The latter have been evaluated and chosen by AVA GALLERY for their proven reliability and competence. Some of these subjects may also be based in non-EU countries and, in these cases, the transfer of your personal data in these countries is carried out in compliance with the guarantees provided by law. 
4)How long do we keep your data?
We keep your personal data for a limited period of time depending on the purpose for which it was collected, at the end of which your personal data will be deleted or otherwise rendered anonymous in an irreversible way. The retention period is different depending on the processing purpose: for example, the data collected during the purchase of goods on AVA GALLERY is processed until the conclusion of all administrative and accounting formalities are therefore stored in accordance with local tax legislation (ten years), that which is used to send you our newsletter until you ask us to stop sending it.
5)What are your rights?
At any time, depending on the specific processing, you may: revoke your consent to the processing, know which of your personal data we have in our possession, its origin and how it is used, request the update, correction or integration and in the cases provided for by the current provisions, the cancellation, the limitation of processing or oppose their processing. If you wish, you can request to receive your personal data in possession of AVA GALLERY in a format readable by electronic devices and, where technically possible, we can transfer your data directly to a third party indicated by you. 
This information may be subject to changes and additions over time, so we invite you to check the contents periodically. Where possible, we will try to immediately inform you of any changes made. 
6) Who is the Data Controller?
PALIKE PROJECT SNC with headquarters at via Palermo, sn- 95046 Palagonia Catania Italia C.F. e P.IVA 04259630871, is the Data Controller, that is, the subject which decides how and why to process your personal data. You can always contact AVA GALLERY by writing to the above address, or writing by  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7) What personal data do we collect?
The categories of personal data that AVA GALLERY collects and processes when you browse or purchase on WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT are as follows:
a) we collect the personal data necessary to conclude and execute your purchase on WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT such as name and surname, e-mail address, shipping address, billing address, telephone and payment details;
b) we collect your e-mail address when you sign up for our newsletter service;
c) we process the personal data you provide us when you contact our Customer Service to provide the assistance requested;
d) upon your consent, we collect and use your personal data for marketing purposes;
e) for the registration of WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT, we collect your name and surname, your e-mail address, password and your date of birth. If you are a registered user, we collect information about your access to the reserved part of ​​the site. With your express consent, by analysing your personal data we can process information regarding your interests and preferences with respect to our products and services in order to present proposals and offers in line with your tastes.
f) in the event that you provide personal data of third parties to AVA GALLERY, for example in cases where you decide to purchase a product to be delivered to a friend, or to give a gift, AVA GALLERY will arrange for the third party to deliver the Privacy Notice at the time of the first communication. We remind you that the use of personal data of third parties is subject to the discipline regarding the protection of personal data. We inform you that AVA GALLERY does not process personal data relating to minors. If you access WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT  and use the services offered by AVA GALLERY, you declare that you are of legal age.
8)How do we use the personal data we collect?
AVA GALLERY collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:
a) to conclude and execute the purchase agreement for the products offered on WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT. When you complete your purchase, we ask you for the personal data necessary for the execution of the agreement, such as payment, anti-fraud checks if you choose to pay by credit or debit card, billing, shipping of the product and possible management of the return.
b) registration on the site and use of the services offered to registered users. Registration on the site is possible through the inclusion of some personal information which is necessary to ensure your identification and the performance of services offered to registered users.
c) management of requests to our Customer Service, which uses the personal data you provide to meet your requests for information and requests for assistance.
d) statistical analysis and surveys. We use some information about your use of the site to perform statistical analysis and surveys in order to improve our offer and our services;
e) sending commercial and promotional communications following the purchase of one of our products, so-called soft spam. Following the purchase of one of our products on the site, we will send you communications containing our business proposals and related products and services to the e-mail address that you provided us.
f) subject to your express consent, we may use the contact details you have provided for commercial communications on our products and services, in order to update you on news, new arrivals, exclusive products, our offers and promotions. In addition, always with your consent, we will be able to use your contacts as part of market research and surveys for the detection of satisfaction in order to improve our services and the relationship with our users. These communications will take place exclusively with the methods you have chosen (via e-mail, SMS, telephone, paper mail, Whatsapp).
g) only with your consent, AVA GALLERY will be able to personalise your experience as a registered user on WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT, proposing previews and offers in line with your tastes and sending you commercial communications tailored to your interests, these communications will only take place in the manner you selected (via e-mail, SMS, telephone, paper mail, Whatsapp). T
Should you wish to authorise the activities referred previously and subsequently do not wish to receive further communications from AVA GALLERY or would like to limit the way in which to be contacted, you may interrupt these communications at any time by simply clicking on the appropriate unsubscribe link .
We inform you that you may receive further communications from us even after submitting your unsubscription request, as some submissions may have already been planned, our systems may take some time to process your request.
In relation to all the activities mentioned above, we will process your personal data mainly through IT and electronic means; the means we use guarantee high safety standards, in full compliance with current legislation.
9)Legal basis of the processing
We process your personal data only in the presence of one of the conditions provided for by the law in force, and specifically:
a) for the conclusion and execution of a contract of which you are a part.
When we process your data for the conclusion of the purchase agreement of which you are a part, we ensure that we only use the minimum information necessary for the execution of this. This basis legitimises the processing of personal data that takes place in the following activities:
- conclusion and execution of a purchase agreement for the products offered on WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT;
- registration on the website and use of services reserved for registered users;
- provision of services offered on  WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT;
- management of your requests by our Customer Care.
The contribution of your personal data for these activities is a contractual obligation. You are free to communicate your data or not, but in the absence of the requested data, it will not be possible to conclude or execute the agreement and your requests. This means that you will not be able to purchase the products and you will not be able to use the AVA GALLERY services and that AVAGALLERY will not be able to handle your requests;
b) to comply with a legal obligation.
In the event of conclusion of an agreement for the purchase of goods on, the processing of the user's data will take place in order to fulfill the legal obligations to which AVA GALLERY complies with in accordance with the tax provisions and other regulations to which AVA GALLERY is subject. You are free to decide whether to conclude an agreement and whether or not to disclose your data, but if you conclude it, your data will be necessary and will be processed to effect the aforementioned legal obligations to which AVA GALLERY is required.

c) for our legitimate interest.
If you purchase products on WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT  by credit or debit card, some of your personal data may be processed to carry out anti-fraud activities: we have a legitimate interest in carrying out this activity to prevent and pursue any fraudulent activity. For internal administrative purposes, data may be processed by companies belonging to AVA GALLERY .
10)Who will process your data?
Your personal data will be processed by WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT  internal staff who are specifically trained and authorised to process.
Your personal data will also be transmitted to third parties that we use to provide our services; these subjects have been adequately selected and offer a guarantee of compliance with the rules on the processing of personal data.
The third parties in question belong to the following categories: banking operators, internet providers, companies specialised in IT and telematic services; couriers; companies that carry out marketing activities; companies specialised in market research and data processing.
Your data may be transmitted to police and judicial and administrative authorities, in accordance with the law, for the detection and prosecution of crimes, the prevention and protection from threats to public security, to allow WWW.AVAGALLERY.IT  to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court, as well as for other reasons related to the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.
11)How long do we keep the data?
We keep your personal data for a limited period of time, which is different depending on the type of activity that involves the processing of your personal data. After this period, your data will be permanently erased or otherwise rendered anonymous in an irreversible way.
 12) Security measures
We protect your personal data with specific technical and organisational security measures, aimed at preventing your personal data from being used illegitimately or fraudulently. In particular, we use security measures that guarantee: the pseudonymisation or the encryption of your data; the confidentiality, integrity, availability of your data as well as the resilience of the systems and services that process them; the ability to restore data in the event of a data breach. Furthermore, AVA GALLERY agrees to test, verify and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee continuous improvement in the security of processing.
13)Changes to this information
The constant development of our services may lead to changes in the characteristics of the processing of your personal data described up to now. Consequently, this privacy policy may be subject to changes and additions over time, which may also be necessary with regard to new regulatory measures regarding the protection of personal data.
Therefore, we invite you to periodically check the contents: where possible, we will try to inform you promptly on the changes made and their consequences in In any case, the updated version of the privacy statement will be published on this page, with indication of the date of its last update.