Anmar Muran

The artist was born in 1971 and studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts (University of Baghdad). She refined her artistic education with studies in fine arts, free hand painting and ceramics in Sweden.
In contrast, she took master studies in mathematics in Finland in the end of the 90s – an influence that becomes evident in a variety of geometric elements in her artwork.
After a short impressionist period she developed her current, very own style of expression: Organic structures and colors, in interaction with geometric lines and structures, unique textures and other unexpected elements. Creating an abstract image of the life we live – using charcoal, ink, acrylic colors and finest grades of paper.
The result is a printout of our subconscious minds, always there to surprise us and remind us about ourselves.
Anmar participated in exhibitions together with other international artists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and Morocco.