Carla Saeli

Carla Saeli, was born in 1986 in Catania, Italy.
She loves pop art, and flashy colours and since she was a little girl she dedicated herself to art.
After graduating in decor cum laude in 2009, she started her career as a painter.
In 2014 together with other painters founded Association “Ovunque” which have been organized many exhibitions by Italian and Europeans artists.
Her works are characterized by precise and clean strokes, flat colours and monochromatic visions that give life to figures defragmented in geometrical suggestions, creating an effortless and lean pictorial work mixed with vector graphics.

She lives and works in Catania.

In 2019 she enjoyed AvA Gallery, Dubai.

Last exhibitions:

– Heros Contemporary Space Mansourcing Caltagirone 2016,

– Dimensioni Minoriti Palace Catania 2016 – 2017- 2018,

– Research Palazzo Ducale, Gela 2016.

-Pullman Hotel Sharjah October 2022 Group Exhibition ” Abstract Figurative”