Darius Mierzwa

Darius Mierzwa began his artistic career in Poland by graduating from the High School of Fine Arts in Katowice with a degree in metalwork and painting, during the period when communist socialism was coming to the end in Poland.

After several years of apprenticeship in Polish public television, first, as an assistant set designer and later as an independent set designer, Darius Mierzwa began producing more than 100 television programs, theatrical and music shows, as well as mass programs for Sky tv, Metalmind Productions and Rowa Blues, Miss Poland, Music Festivals and on commissions for Polish tv from 1980 to 1990.

He creates paintings and digital and classical photography. His works can be described as magic realism and surrealism approaches. His paintings often refer to the metaphysical image of the world.

The artist Mierzwa is also a photographer. In this field, photography is digitized and enhanced with effects and filters on his own.
Currently, he is working with auctions house and galleries around the World.
In the Middle East, he is working with AvA Gallery since 2022.