Dominique Graff

Dominique Graff is an artist from the Netherlands. She was born in the great year 1984 and raised in a small town, in the province of Zeeland.
Dominique is a huge animal lover and that’s why she likes to paint them a lot.

She wants to show them in the most beautiful way and to be their voice.
In 2020 Dominique completed her study of Therapeutic Art Life Coach successfully. After that, she wanted to take it a step further and decided to go deeper into painting.
So in 2020, she decided that it was time to do something really great for herself.

She chose to answer, the calling of her soul and followed the path of her dreams. She took the plunge and signed up for the master’s program at Milan Art Institute.
What took her on the journey to self-discovery, was that she learned to take her art to the next level. She graduated in 2022.

Her mission is to share her voice with the world through her art.
Dominique Graff wants to inspire and stimulate people, make them feel something, and be their authentic selves, to follow their passion and dreams.

Everyone is beautiful the way he/she is in their own unique way.
Dominique has a passion for travel and discovering beautiful places, she loves diversity, meeting people, and experiencing different cultures.

The collection with the marine theme could be a work of art that features non-representational elements inspired by the ocean or marine life, and the ambience evokes the feeling to be near the water in a sometimes sophisticated and sometimes playful environment.

The artworks incorporate fluid, organic shapes, and patterns reminiscent of waves, currents, or sea creatures sometimes fantastic.

The colours used by the Artist in such a theme could be drawn from the sea and its surroundings, including shades of blue, green, turquoise, and sand.

In October 2022,  she joined Ava Gallery taking part in the first Exhibition Group in UAE “AbstractFigurative” at Pullman Hotel, Sharjah,  UAE.

Her Artworks continue to receive the unanimous appreciation of the public and connoisseurs.