Emmy Araf

The brushes, the line and the color, the great richness of painting, in the imagination of Emmy Araf.
Emmy’s philosophy of modern art, she argues and expresses with logical precision in this fascinating world of art, where her own metamorphosis is destined to perpetually renew itself.

At the moment in which her colour invades the spaces, the colours acquire a new value of vitality, where there is no symmetry, the life of her forms, clearly demonstrated and realized, mark the painter’s own style.
Her paintings bring us closer to nature, which is the creation of art.

Emmy Araf   paintings wrap us in the universe of her imagination. This painter corrects the natural, her eyes distinguish differences or errors in things, and she paints the abstract idea of forms and perfects any original thing, her colour says it all, and this puts her in control of nature and thus creates an ideal of beauty.
Emmy Araf exhibited in several group art events and solo exhibitions.
In 96 and 97, she got 2 honourable mentions in the Alfredo Guati Rojo award from the National Watercolor Museum – Mexico City.

After that, a bright carrier is still on with several international exhibitions in South America, the United States and Europa.

Recently Emmy Araf joined with AvA Gallery and participated in International Exhibition in AlOwais Cultural Foundation