Hui He

Hui He is an abstract Painter. In her colourful, vibrant and emotionally artworks, clearly visible her

background as an International Opera Singer. vThe career of Hui He as an International Opera Singer

doesn’t need any presentation. Her first love was always painting since she was very young.

A few years ago the artist began attending the painting studio of Leo Ferrioli, an internationally renowned

artist, with a career of more than fifty years behind him with exhibitions in cities like Paris and New York.

With Maestro Ferrioli Hui He studied portraiture for a long time, still life and landscaping.

Hui He Artworks always comes from the emotions arising from the music, but above all from the moods and

also from a profound observation of society and current events.

For this reason, as a painter, her Artwork is exalted in an abstraction made of an emotional and expressive

use of colours.

Hui He’s favourite technique is watercolour. Hui He Artworks will be displayed with AvA Gallery At World Art

Dubai 2021

Nationality : China