Mikhail Albano

Mikhail Albano was born on June 26th, 1991 in Nadvoizy in Russia. Naturalized Italia, he graduated from the Commercial Technical Institute for Surveyors of Enna, in 2012.

He continued his studies by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, choosing the address of Painting and graduating with the highest grades. The personal experiences gained over the course of time lead the young artist momentarily to prefer a realistic pictorial style in a maniacal reproduction of details and details in order to represent the art of beauty through his own artistic inspiration.

The critic Marcello Panascia writes “An ideal journey of prodigious and vast pictorial opus by Mikhail Albano: a young artist who paints with the colors of the soul, a soul he metaphorically assimilates to a ‘piano with many strings that the artist knows how to make vibrate’.

But it is a sense of strength and structure proper to nature with its powerful harmony of forms that emanates from the portraits of his wrinkled elves: ancient totems and modern emblems of wisdom whose derma he carefully studies lenticular and explores as if it were an analog graphic map.

Among unsettling perspectives and very unique compositional cuts are these works among the happiest inventions of the figurative universe of Mikhail Albano.”

He matures and develops in recent years a strong artistic sense that leads him to the participation of:


’Gentes Society2’ by Prof Salvo Duro, Palace of Culture, Catania

‘la Madre’ by Prof. Paolo Giansiracusa, Civic Gallery- Syracuse

‘Gran Circo Catania’, Palace of Culture, Catania

‘Il Katanè Painting Prize’1st Place, ERSU Catania


II° International Art Expo Biennale’ by Vittorio Sgarbi and Paolo Levi, Palermo

‘Artists of Sicily NEW TALENTS’ by Vittorio Sgarbi Palace of Culture, Catania

‘M.S.S.H.D.E.P.L.’ party of Saint Agata. Minoriti Palace, Catania

‘LA SICILIA 70°’ Palace of Culture’ Catania

‘Premio GuglielmoII’, Civic Gallery of Modern Art Sciortino, Monreale

‘Eggs of Author 2’, MF museum & Fashion by Marella Ferrera, Biscari Palace, Catania

‘Art Shopping Carrousel du Lovre’ Paris

‘Expo Arte Conteporanea’ EXPO MILANO 2015’ by Vittorio Sgarbi, Villa Bagatti, Varedo

‘LA SICILIA 70°’ Regional Gallery of Bellomo Palace, Syracuse

‘LA SICILIA 70°’ Zacco Palace, Ragusa

‘LA SICILIA 70°’ former Colleggio dei Filippini, Agrigento

‘Looks for a visible city’ Culture Palace, Catania

‘Emergence Festival Street Art Silos Restyling Silos Porto’ Port of Catania


‘Pascha, the passion in the visual language, between the sacred and the profane’, Gallery of Modern Art, Paternò

‘Cultural- Botanical Event’, Facsimilar work ‘Pier Andrea Mattioli’s Speeches’; Project: ‘Treasures and AssetsII’, section ‘Mediterranean Treasures’, Small Refectory, Libraries Riunite ‘Civica and A. Ursino Recupero’ Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena curated by Aboca

‘The Art of the Mandala and the motions of the Unconscious’, Cortile Platamone, Catania


‘WONDERTIME Catania’ Puzzle Project, Botanical Garden, Catania

‘Thirteenth Day of Contemporary Art’, Design Generation, Chierici Palace, Catania

‘Selvatica 2017’ 6th Edition, Cassa di Risparmio Biella Foundation, Biella

‘XVII Edition of the Aquila d’Argento National Award’, Municipality of Misterbianco

‘TemporarYoung’. Angelina’s Bakery, Contemporary art review, Catania

‘Dodecaedro’, Master and students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania, Ar Gallery Studio71, Palermo


‘Amnesty International’ Palace of Culture, Catania

“L’arte che cura”, Art Therapy Project of the MDSM of Acireale/ Giarre and Villa Letizia, Villa Salvador and Villa Sant’Antonio, Municipality of AciCastello

‘Quarto Tempo’ literary cafè of Platamone Palace, Catania

‘Wondertime Catania 2018’, Equestrian Increment Institute, Catania


‘The Agate Crystal. Emilio Greco Museum, Catania

‘New talents of Sicily’ By Marcello Panascia, Catania Art Gallery