Tony Esposito

Before becoming a famous musician, with numerous world hits and important collaborations to his credit, TONY ESPOSITO attended the “Istituto D’arte di Napoli” and then the ” Accademia d’Arte di Napoli” where he studied under famous teaches like: Pisani, Capogrossi, Forestiero, Tatafiore.

He specialized in Graphic Art and he created when he was very young, scenographic installations for the Exhibition ” D’Oltremare e Edenlandia” in Naples.

Later he became a fabric Designer with hand made painings, patenting a special pen for the latter.

Tony Esposito participated in various collective exhibitions in remarkable locations such as: Casel Sant Angelo in Roma with Dario Fo, Franco Batiato, Gino Paoli e Paolo Conte.

The successful musical activity of Tony Esposito continues over the years together with Tony Esposito Painter- Graphic, until when at the beginning of 2000, was a meeting in Rome, with the famous Artist and Musician as well Mark Kostabi.  From that moment started the fruitful collaboration based on Music and Painting.

Tony Esposito, Mark Kostabi and Paul Kostabi ( Mark Kostabi’s brother painter and musician) created the sets for the live concerts entitled: “The Ulysse Journey” and together with Mark Kostabi’s collaborations, a collection of paintings and serigraphies.

Lately curated by Tony Esposito the images of the promotional campaign of the new Italo train and the Peace campaign for the DARFUR with invitations at “Senato of the  Repubblica Italiana”.

In 2018 was invited to participate with  his  Paintings and also the Musical Exhibition at Artefiera 2018 in  Bologna Italy.

In UAE Tony Esposito is represented by AvA Gallery since 2021, participating in numerous collectives and Art fairs.