Veronique De Suerte

Travel addict and passionate about photography since her childhood, Véronique adores capturing emotions with her Sony lenses should it be catching the city vibrant energy, fascinating nature or small details that make our daily life so special.

Born in St Petersburg, raised in Paris, Véronique currently lives between Paris and Dubai.
Travel being her biggest passion, she calls herself as a travel photographer as well as a travel therapy ambassador.
Through her Instagram, Véronique shares with her community not only the places she visits but also the importance of travel for mindset and mental health.
She also performed a workshop for women about self-love through photography back in 2019 in Dubai.

During her 12 year photography journey, this Parisian photographer proudly exhibited her works in Istanbul (Istanbul International Photo Contest 2014) and in Rotterdam (a solo exhibition at RAW Streetphoto Gallery in 2017, now known as Chrysalid Gallery).

Since 2020 Véronique sells her fine art prints in Europe and in 2021 she collaborated with PIKCHA Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) for selling some of her exclusive artworks worldwide.

Apart from photography, Véronique has a bright corporate career in multinationals and owns her own company in Dubai.

In October 2022 Veronique de Suerte hold the first Solo Exhibition in Dubai, UAE,  curated by AvA Gallery.