Bridge of Culture Workshop, 14th November 2022

The workshop was hosted by the movie director Abeer Abdullah. Following few sentences from the AvA Gallery Curator Emma Chiaramonte to introduce the workshop: “Movies today compare to traditional visual art deliver the same message faster and better because the world moving in this direction. Thanks to all visual arts starting from the traditional and finishing to the seventh art we know the discomfort and the hopes of entire generations. And at the same time, all arts are extremely important to help the cohesion and build bridges. We live in a multicultural society and the United Arab Emirates is an example of how is possible to coexist with multicultural diversity. I would like to mention a sentence by the philosopher Voltaire who lived 4 hundred years back: “We are all mixed up with weaknesses and mistakes: let’s forgive each other our nonsense, it is the first law of nature”.”