Ecce Frida

Dimensions:H 40 x W 27,5 x D 8
Tecnique:Mixed technique sculpture. Volcanic rock from Etna and digital-painted enamels, bonded together with 950 degree fusion.
Edition:Unique artwork

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who is known for her vibrant self-portraits and her use of personal and political themes in her art. One of her most famous paintings is “The Thorn Necklace”. The original painting is a powerful self-portrait that reflects Kahlo’s personal struggles and her pain. In this interpretation, the Artist MOSCHETTO pays homage to Frida Khalo and plays also with the name. In old Latin ECCE means “Here is” and in the Christian culture is usually associated with the episode biblical account of Pontius Pilate presenting Jesus to the crowd before his crucifixion saying “Ecce Homo”