Alex Caminiti

Alex Caminiti is an Italian artist known and appreciated internationally. Caminiti’s art is a protest and challenge, based on his personal artistic way toward a world where respectability joins rampant narcissism.

Caminiti’s art does not exist to follow a style or a technique.

During his prolific career, he has received appreciation from critics and personalities from the Italian and international cultural world including Zichici, Daverio, Biasi, Mattarella, and Scaringella.

We mention only a few participations of the Artist: Argentina and Chile Biennial “Valparaiso Museum” which has touched various cities including Lima, Bogotà, Beijing, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Budapest, Lausanne, Paris, St. Petersburg and more.

Among many remarkable locations for his Live Exhibitions were “Maschio Angioino” in Naples and “Castel Dell’Ovo” in Naples.

Furthermore, important companies like “Ducati” and “Mercedes Smart” realized motorbikes and cars with the artworks of Caminiti.

Recently the auction house Christie’s has included Alex Caminiti in an auction with significant world artists.

Lately the Hotel “ Galleria Vik Milano” in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milano personalized one of their deluxe room (room number 522) with Caminiti’s Artwork.

The 22nd of October 2022 was the Opening of the Live performance with the Artist Caminiti  in the Cameroon pavilion in “Biennale di Venezia” after that  Artist Caminiti started a tour in various locations in Italia and South America

Caminiti’s Artworks are in most of the prestigious collections in Europe and in the World.

Since June 2022 AvA Gallery proudly working with the Artist Caminiti representing him in the Middle East and Europe as well.

Nationality : Italy